Big Splash - Bucket Dunker


Dino Jump USA brings a refreshing twist to your event with our Big Splash Carnival Game Rental, offering an exciting alternative to the traditional dunk tank. Whether you're hosting a school carnival, community event, church festival, company picnic, or any gathering in Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Boulder City, Pahrump, or Mesquite, Nevada, our carnival game rental guarantees waves of interactive fun.

The Big Splash carnival game invites participants of all ages to test their aim by throwing a tennis ball at the target. When the target is successfully hit, a bucket of water is playfully unleashed onto the person beneath, sparking contagious laughter and creating unforgettable moments.

This engaging game adds a splash of excitement to your event, fostering friendly competition and encouraging guests to take part in the fun. Its interactive nature ensures that everyone can enjoy the thrill of aiming for the target and eagerly anticipating the satisfying splash.

Reserve your Big Splash Carnival Game Rental today and watch as your event transforms into a hub of amusement and laughter. Contact Dino Jump USA now to secure this entertaining attraction, ensuring that your gathering is elevated with the Big Splash's playful charm. Experience the joy of creating a unique experience for your guests as they take part in this refreshing and memorable activity.