Bottle-Up Carnival Game Rental (per set of 3 players)


Step into Excitement with Bottle-Up Carnival Game from Dino Jump USA!

Dive into the world of carnival gaming excitement with the Bottle-Up Carnival Game, now ready for rental in Houston, Humble, Atascocita, Kinwood, Crosby, Spring, and The Woodlands. Designed for all ages, this captivating game lets you take on the challenge of standing bottles upright on wooden disks.

Experience the thrill of precision as you use wooden poles, rings, and strings to masterfully balance the bottles. The goal is simple yet endlessly entertaining: achieve balance and claim victory! The Bottle-Up Carnival Game rental package comes complete with wooden poles, rings, strings, and wooden disks, providing all you need for an engaging experience.

Whether it's a school carnival, company picnic, church festival, or any event in between, Bottle-Up Carnival Game is the perfect addition to amplify the fun. Gather friends and family, compete in friendly matches, and create cherished memories that will resonate for years to come. Don't let the chance slip away—bring the excitement of the Bottle-Up Carnival Game to your event and revel in the joy of classic carnival fun!